What a delight it was to work with Chantal in her beautiful space in the Darlington hills. Absolutely worth the 30-minute drive! My time with Chantal was working on a couple of challenges that many of us face as women – my feeling of being both ‘not enough’ and yet ‘too much’. It’s such a vulnerable place to delve into within ourselves, and there lays another challenge – allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. . Chantal holds the space with such integrity, gentleness and compassion. She truly provides a safe space to sit into vulnerability, to be seen and to be heard. Chantal’s intuitive wisdom, deep empathy and ability to trust her guidance made for a meaningful and powerful healing session.

Chantal, wonderful woman, as we so beautifully established, the shining light in me, honours, and bows to the radiant shining light you emanate. Thank you 🕊✨💖

Elizabeth Morris