The Mindful Woman

A Space for Women Who Are Ready for Change

A woman who wants to feel free to be all she wants to be and where her presence is more than enough.

Being a woman to all and at the same time being truly you is a challenge in this busy world of ours. All you yearn for is some peace and calm in your day, as well as serenity, love, joy, self-care and harmony.

Do you find that during your day you are either on auto-pilot as it whizzes by or you feel out of control and overwhelmed no longer connected to you? If so, the Mindful Woman is the space for you.

This group has been created by Chantal Vanderhaeghen, combining her own life’s experiences of being a woman to all and not feeling enough, despite running two international business. She brings her years of experience of mindfulness meditation, Reiki and tapping to the space.

The Mindful Woman is in existence to give you the tools that she knows work to bring love, joy, happiness, courage and peace into your everyday life.

Start loving being you. Become a Mindful Woman with Mindfulness Meditation and more.

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When women come together something truly magical is created. And that is what Chantal wanted to experience for herself. A magical space that was loving and safe to be able to share from her heart her thoughts, ideas, fears, and be held when needed.

Chantal realised she was beginning to feel more and more isolated yearning for a deeper connection with not only herself but also with other women. Everyone being so busy she was losing touch with her girlfriends. She was missing her chats.

And that’s what she was also hearing. A sense of loss. And a longing.

What to do?

Create a beautiful and gentle space for women to come together to feel loved, accepted, experience laughter and tears and a wonderful sense of friendship on a regular basis.