The Mindful Woman

A Circle of Women Who Are Ready for Change

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A woman who wants to feel free to be all she wants to be with love, joy and happiness.

Being a woman to all and at the same time being truly you is a challenge in this frenetic world. All you yearn for is peace, calm, serenity, love, joy, self-care and harmony in your day.

Do you find that you are speeding through your day, sometimes on auto-pilot, or you feel out of control and overwhelmed no longer connected to you? If so, the Mindful Woman is the group for you.

This group has been created by Chantal Vanderhaeghen, combining her own life’s experiences of being a woman to all with years of experience of international business and meditation, mindfulness, reiki and tapping. The Mindful Woman is in existence to give you the tools to bring love, joy, happiness and peace into your everyday life.

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