Do you understand the miracle of you? How amazing you are! Do you feel like a gift to this world? Are you connected to your body mind and soul?

power of your sacred space

Most of us would either say no or perhaps. We are so busy doing in our lives to survive and keep our heads above water that we have lost sight of our amazingness. Or when we are successful in our lives we can still feel a fraud?

Why you may wonder? Because we do not feel our power and our beauty. Yes, our very own. When you have time to stop and be, you get in touch with you. It gives you time to appreciate all that you are. All that you have.

I was reminded again of this this morning as I was doing my morning walk. At last, I am connected back to my magnificence, to my body that gives me life, that gives me a vessel to reside in to able to achieve all that I want to.

And it took me a long time to get here: to love my body in its totality. I have my good days about it and my not so good. On those not so good days, I am learning that this will pass. My aim is to be with what is. On those not so good days, I have to be mindful that I do not overeat or eat too much sugar. I know it is only filling an emptiness that I am feeling inside.

a place you can go to anytime

This is where the power of your sacred space comes in. A place you can go to anytime. It can be a physical place or a mental place. Somewhere you feel safe to be in that moment. Somewhere you can connect back to the miracle of you.

I now yearn for my sacred place where I can be me with my special things around me. A place I can retreat to at any time to restore, rejuvenate, plug back in to my soul, uplift my spirits, or just hang out with me. It is a place full of love, and warmth.

Questions you can ask yourself:

  • Do you believe right now right this minute in the person you want to be?
  • If not, why not?
  • Do you believe you are a gift to yourself and this world?
  • If not, why not?
  • Do you believe you can do anything you want when you set your mind to it?
  • If not, why not?

Look at what is holding you back. Hear what little or not so little voices are saying in the background. This is where you need to put your focus – on those little voices to bring them to the fore, into your awareness to deal with them. Acknowledge, accept and let go.

How do you create your sacred space?

It is so easy to do this. And it is very personal. Get some ideas from others if you are not sure how and where to start. And then inject your own energy and personality into it. Otherwise, it will not feel like yours and you will not want to be there. It is meant to be a space that you feel safe in. That is surrounded by all the things you love. It can be bare. And it can be full of things. Again this is up to you. You will find that it will change over time as you change. And you may have a couple of places. I do. I have one in our home. And one in the garden when the weather is fine enough to sit outside. I love both. And I alternate when I can.

I read just recently that sacred and scared are only a spelling mistake away. And what different meanings they have. Your space is to be sacred and safe where you can go when you feel scared.

Creating Your Space

  1. If you do not have the space to create a space, just find somewhere you love to sit. What is important is creating the intention to renew the connection with yourself. Your home may be too small. All the rooms and areas may be used. Or when you are travelling you have to find a place wherever you can. Do not let this stop you from having precious quiet time.
  2. To enjoy sitting your sacred space, make it as beautiful as you want. That means putting things in that you love and have meaning for you. It can be simple. It can be full to the brim. Whatever makes your heart sing. For me, I like space around me, so I keep it simply decorated. What is important is that you love going to your space each and every time. And that you feel safe and protected.
  3. Be intentional in what you want around you. Use anything that inspires you, has a memory attached to it, use colour, aromas, candles, crystals, photos, images, rugs, blankets, cushions, nature, flowers, and jewellery. Allow your imagination to run wild, whatever wild means for you. At first, that can also feel daunting and overwhelming and may stop you. Listen to your favourite music and allow it to take you out of yourself, to transport you into another world.
  4. If you like writing, have coloured pens by your side with your special journal. In this beautiful space, you can be open to sharing your thoughts that no one needs to say. It is a safe space to be open and honest with yourself, to allow yourself to feel and express your thoughts and emotions without judgement or criticism (not quite true, you may be your own worst critic).
  5. When you are travelling, take a few precious things with you to put in your handbag, on your bedside table, or on your body. It may be only one item. That is all it takes.


And remember to cleanse your sacred space on a regular basis to clear all the energies. It opens the space up again and again for you be in. Energy, no matter how positive, still needs to be cleared. Use a smudge stick, sage, or an incense stick. If none of these are available to you, ask for the energies to leave the room with love and gratitude and clap three times in each corner.

this is about you

Most of all this is about you and starting. Not about you and getting it perfect and right. This is for you and for no one else. Be protective of your sacred space. In addition, you do not want it to be contaminated by others energies, even if they are positive. It took me a long time to understand this. So I am now mindful who I allow in. I love going in there to hide from the world, to be on my own with myself. To be quiet and contemplative. To cry – to laugh – to hurt – to rejoice – to feel angry – to feel loved – to feel embarrassed – to feel beautiful – to feel tender – to feel raw – to feel confident. And so much more.

It is your time and space to explore you, to feel you, to be authentic to come out strong, patched up, confident, able to face the world again, to feel human and normal. Each time is different. And each time is special. Sometimes being there is painful and others it is calming. Be open to whatever is there. It may be there is nothing. Go in anyhow to not only keep up the ritual but also to see what is really there. You may very well be surprised as to what is actually happening deep inside of you. I have sometimes done my best and longest writing when I thought there was ‘nothing’ there. So never assume anything.

take the time to be

There may be nothing much to contemplate. So take the time to be, contemplate your day, say your gratitudes, set your intentions or simply be quiet. This in itself is so healing and rejuvenating. Or listen to some music that is meaningful to you. Anything to bring you peace and calm.

Each day will be different. Be with whatever comes up with love, grace and gratitude.

It is time for you to listen to your Divine within.


‘Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.’ Joseph Campbell

‘When people go within and connect with themselves, they realise they are connected to the universe and they are connected to all living things.’ Armand DiMele

‘Meditation is listening to the Divine within’. Edgar Cayce

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