Doubt is a show stopper. It is insidious and rules your life with an iron fist. Sounds awful, because it is. It makes you small and reticent to step out there in all your beautiful gloriously uniquely you.

Self-doubt to self-trust

As Cicero stated a long long time ago: ‘nobody can give wiser advice than yourself’. So why is it you listen to others before yourself, even though in your gut you know what is right for you? Self-trust. What you are doing is doubting your own power. You are giving your power to your doubt which it loves to keep it well and alive in you.

Until you can clear the noise and busyness in your head, you are unable to pick up the seeds of doubt that are constantly whirling around in you. It is difficult to see how it is dictating your life and holding you back from being you. You are on this merry-go-round that you can’t get off.

When you feel unsure of yourself, you freeze. You feel stuck in all that you do. And furthermore, it stops you from being wholeheartedly you. It is so much easier (or so it seems when you are in it) to remain in this comfort zone you have created for yourself to feel safe and protected.

how does self-doubt look

never feel good enough
constantly second guessing yourself
you allow others to sway you
you are guided by what others think of you
it hard for you to make your own decisions
you forever need advice from others
feelings of ‘you can’t, ‘you shouldn’t’ and ‘you won’t’
you find yourself comparing yourself to others
and your gorgeous being is hidden from the world

Being like this is debilitating and exhausting. It took me a while to go from self-doubt to self-trust. Naturally, I have my moments still that come from left field and set me back. However, nowadays, I know the triggers and what I need to do to bring me back on track quickly.

how self-trust looks
(This is such a lovely list to write)

first and foremost you trust yourself
life takes on a natural flow
you start achieving what you want in all areas of your life
when you sense something in your gut you trust it and act on it
decisions are made easily based on your own sound advice
life is full of joy, love, vitality and energy
and your gorgeous self shines brightly in all that you are and all that you do

Tips to start overcoming self-doubt

These will get you started on your path of self-trust:

  • take the time to clear the busyness in your head with mindfulness (I have added a link to a guided meditation)
  • learn to say ‘stop’ when you start self-doubting
  • create room to listen to yourself (here is my blog about the power of listening)
  • supercharge your life with tapping
  • start writing in a journal (unsure how: purchase my beautiful ebook book on how to journal)
  • nurture yourself with lots of self-love and self-care
  • find a mantra or two that sits well with you (remember to trust what comes up for you)
  • look at the top list and start balancing them with positives


be so busy loving and trusting yourself, that there is no room for self-doubt

If this resonates and you want some guidance on how to change your mindset to self-trust, work with me. There are various ways to do so. I look forward to coming on your path with you to release you from doubt to creating trust.

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