You have had a business for a while now.

You have sought out coaching, signed up for freebies, read heaps of books, listened to podcasts, have social media pages and put in so many hours, yet you don’t feel you are getting anywhere fast.

Well, not the way you would like.

You have been told you should if you follow a formula and do as is said.

Because it worked for them and so many others.

But it hasn’t for you. Not the way you expected.

So you still feel you are not good enough. There must be something wrong with you.

I would like you to join me on this webinar on how trauma affects running your business to find out how this may be running you from behind the scenes.

Why is this happening?

Because you may be experiencing underlying and unresolved trauma that you have not connected to the running of your business.

Unbeknown to you, you are being driven by those little-known and not-so-known voices in your head (unconscious bias) that affects how you make decisions, be visible, set firm boundaries, show up daily, be consistent, put a price value on your products or services, and run your business in your own way – intuitively. No matter what you do.

So you never feel you are enough!

You are feeling demoralised, unhappy, frustrated, distressed and unsure where to go from here.

And you don’t want to give up. Not after all the hours, energy and money you have invested so far.

Dates and times: Wednesday 10 August 5pm (AWST) or Friday 11 August 8am (AWST)

You will learn:

  • what trauma is and how seemingly benign experiences can be traumatic. You will be surprised as a lot of trauma results from these common occurrences.
  • the physical and emotional signs of trauma so you get to understand what may be happening to you. If these are left unrecognised and untreated they affect how you run your business.
  • how all of this affects the success of your business
  • and how healing is not only about mindset. It is also about listening to your body where trauma is held.
  • ways to support yourself in healing that work best for you.

By the end of the experience:

  • you will have an understanding of what trauma is all about
  • how it affects you on so many levels
  • how it is held in your body and how to release
  • how trauma is holding you back in building a financially successful business that is fulfilling

I look forward to giving you all this information as well as sharing from my own lived experience!

Know you are not alone!

Dates and times: Wednesday 10 August 5pm (AWST) or Friday 11 August 8am (AWST)