explore one on one ways to unfold your freedom

Book a One on One personalised healing consultation for that extra level of support in a safe, gentle and kind environment.

These packages have been mindfully designed to give you the opportunity to explore and release you from beliefs that no longer support you.

This helps bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be.

“… a wonderful learning experience… you offered a truly nurturing experience, a whole person experience! You created such a gorgeous space to just be, to learn, to connect and feel nurtured…this is definitely a very unique and special approach to learning from what is normally offered…”

When you need to revive, return at a special price or see me one on one

it’s time to unfold

My thoughtfully crafted offerings allow you to unfold into new ways to love yourself and your life.

Unfold Your Mind to create clarity of thought.

Follow with Unfold Your Power using tapping to find your inner strength

Unfold Your Dreams opens you up to your hidden desires and shines a light on what’s holding you back

Join myself and other women to Unfold Your Feminine in a delicious day or weekend retreat stretching your body and mind, sharing delectable food, and feeding your skin

My two day retreat includes learning about the healing powers of Reiki

my workshops are purposeful and deliberately small for an intimate connection and attention



My courses support you in rediscovering your power and allowing your inner self to shine

one on one

Book a One on One personalised consultation for that extra level of support

about the modalities

An overview of modalities used in my work


online community

The Mindful Woman is a circle of women who are ready to be all they want to be. It’s free to join

you won’t be lost

My workshops are overflowing with information along with the experience of the topic.

When you leave, you take valuable material to continue your learning. You return to your world with a lightness of being, combined with feeling confident to utilise all you’ve learned to use anywhere, at any time.

. That is the power of these workshops. It is more than meditation, tapping, or reiki. It is gaining life style skills.

the power of learning this way

means you don’t just have the experience, you take skills to apply to change your very lifestyle.

purpose driven, small group work

With a purposeful intention of keeping the groups incredibly small, I’ll ensure you get individualised attention. You won’t be lost in a sea of faces and leave feeling overlooked. There are very few other courses in Perth being taught this way – where personalised outcomes are prioritised over large groups of attendees.

i know you are now ready, because you are here