Does the thought of loving yourself make you feel uncomfortable and self-centred?

Do you feel deserving and worthy of love?

Are you tired of being there selflessly for others and not there for yourself?

I would like to join the 5-day Unfolding Your Heart Series

This 5-day free Unfolding Your Heart series is to guide you back to falling in love.

With yourself.

You’ll be empowered to leave behind any beliefs that no longer serve you and hold you back from feeling pure unadulterated love and joy for yourself and your life.

It can take courage and strength to open your heart to feel free to love, let alone to love yourself. All you want is joy, harmony and happiness in your life. Yet you yearn for more.

Something holds us back from stepping into our hearts and believing in ourselves. We stop ourselves from feeling loveable, beautiful and special. We hold back from wanting what we want: love. We are filled with guilt, unworthiness, distrust and being hurt. It feels unsafe to love and be loved.

After taking years myself to love myself, I wanted to bring this to you so you ‘can have what I am having’: a love and acceptance of myself, with a life full of joy of being me without feeling guilty, embarrassed and uncomfortable.

 Join the 5-day Unfolding Your Heart Series

You will learn:

  • How a balanced fourth chakra creates self-acceptance and love
  • How to give and receive love
  • How to live with abundance and compassion in your life
  • How to fill your heart with forgiveness and gratitude
  • How to live your life full of joy and inner peace

You will find out how to:

  • Love and accept yourself
  • Give and receive for yourself
  • Feel abundant and compassionate
  • Feel forgiving and grateful for who you are
  • Have a joyful life full of inner peace

You will receive:

  • A short and lovingly themed email based on the Heart chakra about how to unfold your heart
  • An exercise to support you in being able to love yourself and what holds you back
  • A beautiful quote to keep you motivated

By the end of the experience:

  • you will radiate with love and acceptance for yourself and others
  • let joy and inner peace be in your life
  • feel compassionate, forgiving and grateful for all that you are and have
  • lead a life full of abundance

I so look forward to helping you radiate with love and acceptance and be full of joy and inner peace!

When your heart is open, so are you!

 Join the 5-day Unfolding Your Heart Series