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It’s time to unfold your mind.

Are there times you’d love to attend a class, however you simply don’t have the time and energy to do so?

Imagine feeling relaxed, chilled out and doing nothing for an hour.

Simply being.

You know it is how you would like to feel and you cannot seem to factor it into your busy day, particularly the drive to somewhere unknown. Or you don’t live anywhere nearby.

It all feels too much.

I understand that. I will come to you.

From the comfort of your home, that is how you will feel when you join me for an hour of quiet time to sit back, relax and let go with guided meditations.

Allow yourself this time out for you to take you out the busyness
 of your everyday life.

It will help you switch off from the chaos of your thoughts
and all the things you need to do.

Leave the hour feeling energised, refreshed and happy.

You’ll attend this session yearning for timeout. You’ll leave having found it.


From the comfort of your home, you will discover how meditation and mindfulness creates a new way of being you.

You’ll attend this workshop seeking something. You’ll leave having found it. Within.

  • You will be shown how easily and effectively it can be done without finding any extra time.
  • This will have powerful effects in your life making you wonder why you hadn’t started before.
  • You will discover how to win back time to feel calm and more at ease in your day.
  • You’ll understand how to be more productive without having to change your work / life balance.
  • You will see you can feel more centred and balanced supporting you in your schedule.
  • You’ll begin to have a more restful sleep as you can still your mind and let go of anxiety that can constantly worry you.
  • You will begin to feel more energised and less exhausted.
  • The ripple effects including feeling happier and have more fun with your family and friends.

And this will be just the beginning. Allow me to show you how easily it can be done.

“The experience was beautiful, peaceful and deeply nurturing”.

I am ready to start putting some peace and tranquillity into my day

Tickets only $15.00AUD

i am ready i want to – be mindful

Wednesday 28 Sept
9.30 – 10.30 am AWST

Wednesday 5 October
7.30 – 8.30 am AWST

Wednesday 12 October
7 – 8 pm AWST

Wednesday 19 October
5 – 6pm AWST

What Our Clients Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

We spent a very cosy three hours in Chantal’s beautiful home, nestled in the Perth hills.  We were a group of five women.  None of us knew each other but that did not matter as Chantal’s warm and inviting manner quickly helped us feel welcomed and at ease.  Chantal led us through a series of meditations designed to awaken the senses to draw each of us on an inward path to reconnect with our hearts.  The experience was beautiful, peaceful and deeply nurturing.  I came away feeling emotionally centred and energetically rejuvenated… like my cup was full and brimming over.  Thank you, Chantal, for an exquisite afternoon.

Kirsten x

Chantal has created a wonderful environment in which to learn the art of meditation. A space, you take with you, once entered, and a place in which you’ll want to return to. A time to share with others in gratitude, surrounded by love, and a support that give you the permission to just be a support that gives you the permission we all need, to just be… To be you. To be happy. To be alive.

Lauren St Clair

I started Chantal’s workshop because I felt I was so busy with kids, work, etc. I thought they would be a great way of giving myself “me time”. However, through the workshops I realised the busyness and pressure I was feeling was mostly in my mind. It now seems simple to fit everything into my day. I haven’t had to change my work life balance; I’ve simply had to incorporate Chantal’s techniques it to my days. I feel much calmer, clearer and I am definitely much more productive.

Pip Wyn Owen

I’ve just completed a series of meditation sessions with Chantal which I really enjoyed.  The sessions were very relaxed; the group was small and the venue delightful.  I really appreciated Chantal’s honesty, openness and the effort she put into making the sessions great with different variations on meditation from very short for those times when you don’t have much time to longer meditations.  If you’re ready to start putting some peace and tranquillity into your day but don’t know how, I thoroughly recommend attending Chantal’s meditation sessions.

Kris Kern

with each inhale lift your heart close to the sun. with each exhale root your heels more deeply into the ground.

i am ready i want to – be mindful