As I am sitting outside in our beautiful garden enjoying the warmth of the sun and the light breeze on my skin, I am reflecting yet again on the amazing benefits of mindfulness and meditation in a crisis with other healing modalities.

how to use meditation in a crisis

This is a raw and personal account of what is happening for me at the moment. I want to show you how powerfully supportive meditation, mindfulness, tapping and reiki are in a crisis. As I write this I am so very grateful that I began to bring these amazing modalities into my life all those years ago. Little did I know then how having them in my ‘toolbox’ to draw on in moments of crisis would be so powerful and life changing.

A few days before Christmas, my partner was diagnosed with a serious medical condition. The results were totally unexpected giving us a massive fright. How did this happen as we are both fastidious with our health? This sent us into overdrive with tears, fear and disbelief. What does this mean?

fear overrides logic

Due to the timing of the diagnosis, we couldn’t get much information. The only thing that supported us was the fact that emergency surgery wasn’t required. We had to sit back in trust and belief that this was sound advice. The surgeon said so, so it must be the case.

Let me tell you that it isn’t. Emotion overrides any logic. Your primal instincts come to the fore. Fear dominates when you sense danger. All you want to do is fight or run away for self preservation. And that is what I want to do is run away and pretend it isn’t happening. Ignorance is bliss. Every move my partner makes I feel panic rising. I know it is illogical. Yet it is there. I want to watch his every step. Listen to his every breath to make sure he is still breathing. It is driving me nuts. Anger is being triggered about not feeling heard or being considered when we don’t hear from the medical profession again to set dates. All we get is within the next couple of weeks. Every time the phone rings, we jump with hope this will be it.

It is draining and frightening as we cling on to the meaning of life. Life has to go on, that is what we were told. Keep doing as you have been doing which we are. Yet, I find it hard to watch him leave for work knowing he is alone up the tower fire watching. What if he passes out and has an accident on his way to and from work? Logic: there is no need to be this fearful as I haven’t been so far. There was no need to be scared. Yet, now I am. It is the fear of the unknown.

how to deal with these intense emotions

Fortunately, both of us have meditated for many years. And after 11 years, my partner finally asked me to support him with reiki and crystals as well. I can’t emphasise enough how powerful these healing modalities are. They are supporting us on an emotional, mental and spiritual level. This is bringing a sense of order in the chaos. We have created a loving bubble around us to keep us connected to each other and reality. We are open to receiving and filling ourselves up with the love from our friends. It is sustaining us, supporting us and keeping us present.

Each day we sit quietly in reflection and contemplation to keep us calm and grounded. We allow the tears to flow. There is a deep spiritual togetherness that we haven’t experienced up to this extent until now. We knew we loved and appreciated each other. However, this has taken us to another level. We feel safe to be vulnerable in our rawness and emotion full of trust, respect and of course, deep love.

meditation techniques 

Conscious Breathingfocusing on your breath brings you back into your body and the present moment. Sit quietly where ever you are and simply focus on inhaling and exhaling.

Body Scan: this is a great way to calm you down connecting you to any sensations you are feeling in your body. Scan down your body to settle you. Scan up your body to energise you.

Name, acknowledge, accept, release: I find this useful when I am in fear. It is so easy to spin out of control. This is a great way to bring you back into the present moment and accepting what you are feeling. This takes the sting out of the intensity of the experience. And you aren’t trying to deny how you are experiencing.

Stop and breathe: this creates a circuit breaker to take you out of the intense emotion you are feeling.

other healing modalities

Tapping: takes you that bit deeper and helps change your mindset. I find this settling and connects me to what is actually going on deep within.

Reiki: this is another way of getting me back in touch with my body, its innate wisdom and knowledge. I am using Reiki to promote a sense of peace, harmony and well-being within. And by using the Reiki 2 symbols, I am already including the operation, all who are involved, us getting there, the hospital and staff, and of course, recovery.

All these techniques rejuvenate and re-energize the body. They relax your mind, body and soul. Furthermore, they help reduce stress, tension and energy blockages you may be experiencing. They keep you connected to what is.

general stuff

Journaling: I find writing helps me to sort out the chaos in my mind and to make sense of it all.

Gratitude: Each morning and evening I give thanks for all the things that happened during the day. This keeps me in abundance.

Routine: keep up with your normal daily routine to keep you anchored in everyday life. This gives you a sense of normalcy. Eat well. Exercise.

Ask for help: this is the time to ask for help and accept offers of support. We all love to help. I will be asking friends to send any form of love, healing, prayer, etc when we have a date. And to light a candle. The power of communal prayer (in whatever form) is amazing.

Emotions: a lot of us cover up and stifle our emotions. This isn’t the time to do so. We have shown each our emotions. And we have been to friends separately as well to be able to fully let go. Feel any negative emotion that comes up. That is normal. I have felt anger and intense fear.

Hug, laugh, cry: you can never give and receive enough hugs. Laughter is great medicine. And crying releases tension.

Visualisation: I have been visualising the whole process bringing it positivity, flow, and good vibes, ie the hospital, receptionist, surgery, doctors and nurses, getting there, recovery. I combine this with Reiki, as mentioned above.

Crystals, essential oils, candles: check out which crystals you want to use. Then put them under your pillow, in your pocket, around your neck, etc. We have been using various oils, depending on how we feel on the day. Also, light candles as the candle symbolizes light in the darkness of life.

Indulgence: when you can treat yourself to something nice – a  massage or facial. Time with friends. A walk at the beach or in nature. Reading a novel in your favourite place. Anything that feels indulgent for you.


I am forever grateful that I have them in my life. I highly recommend bringing one or more into yours. They are truly life changing and as you can see support you when you are in crisis. It is about holding yourself and each other in the space full of love and kindness. When you find you are flaring up and lashing out, do one of the above to bring you back. It is fear that is reacting. Not you.

Be mindful of each other and aware of how each of you is responding. We all come from different spaces and baggage. We all see things in a different way. Accept and respect is important to keep equilibrium and balance in your lives.

I trust you will have received something from this. It is about sharing and caring for each other. There is nothing better than receiving a smile, a text, a hug or kind words to keep you going when your life has been turned upside down.

from my grateful soul to your grateful soul

For today I am OK, we are OK, you are OK.

PS If you have any queries or are interested in working with me to bring these into your life, book a free 15 minute clarity call with me to establish a connection and to see if we are meant to work together.

meet chantal

Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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