It’ so easy to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. You don’t need to add anything extra into your already full day.

That is the wonderful thing about mindfulness. You are already doing it. Simply out of your awareness.

Let me show you how to make the ordinary extraordinary. Or at least more pleasurable.

Morning intentions

Take the time each morning to set your intentions for the day. How you want to feel. What you want to achieve. This sets you up nicely for your day. Even when it goes off track, all you need to do is pause, take a lovely deep breath in, breathe out and come back to your intention.

Enjoy your morning and afternoon cup of tea

It’s so easy to let your long awaited hot cuppa get luke warm, because you are too busy thinking of other things. Or in fact you are doing other things. Make a conscious and deliberate decision to enjoy each sip whilst it is still hot. That means putting your phone down, on silent, closing your laptop lid and your eyes feeling the warmth of the cup in your hands. Inhale the delicious aroma and feel yourself relax. This is how you practice mindfulness. Easy!

Have a tech-free hour in your day

Don’t hyperventilate as you read this. It’s so doable and has powerful ramifications. Make an appointment in your diary that is non-negotiable for an hour somewhere in your day. And enjoy being disconnected for that time. See how much more you get done in that time.Then up the ante to extend the time. This gives you a chance to be creative and present in what you are doing.

Make your to-do list a to-feel list

Love this idea. I know when I look at my list of all the things to do, it can overwhelm me and make me feel anxious. It takes me out of the present moment and the enjoyment of my day. Guess what? Then I’m not practicing mindfulness. I want my vibrations to stay buoyant. So I create a list on how I want to feel. I sit for a moment whilst setting my morning intentions and tune into my body and heart to see what they tell me. That becomes my to-feel list for the day.

Be present in all that you do

When we are too busy doing and getting things done, we are often in automation mode. We get to the end of the day wondering what happened. Your focus is outside of yourself, rather than inside – in the now. All you need to do is keep focussing on the task at hand. Get one done at a time. Complete each one where possible before you move onto the next item on your to-do list.

Simply be aware of breathing

Your breath is a powerful tool to help you practice mindfulness. When you need to feel calm or are feeling inundated, simply pause and take a lovely deep breathe in and sigh as you breathe out. This creates a circuit breaker and brings you back into the present moment. If this isn’t enough count to three as you inhale, pause, and count to six as you exhale. This helps you to slow down and reminds you to be in the here and now.

Pay attention to the sensations in your body

Tuning into your body and how it is feeling is a great way to practice mindfulness. Sit quietly either at your desk or somewhere peaceful and simply scan your body. This takes you out of your head and busy mind into now. Then pay attention to what sensations you are feeling. This will soon tell you where you are at.

Tap your way back into being present moment

Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) is such an easy and effective way to take you out of overwhelm in your mind and back into your body. It’s so simple to do with immediate results. Simply tap anywhere on your body if you never tapped before. I’ve written more about the benefits in this blog. And this blog (a guided meditation on gratitude), I’ve added the points to use.

Pick one to start with that sings to you and you know you can easily implement into your day today. Then build up from there. If you wish to know more and find other ways to be more mindful in your day, I’ve created a Mindful Living, Mindful Being programme to support you finding this in your life. 

The Mindful Living, Mindful Being programme

For six weeks, at the same time in the morning, you will receive twice weekly emails full of guided meditations, tips and information. They’re designed to keep you motivated on your journey to becoming mindful.  

The programme shows you how to take the busy out of busyness. Your days will still be full with lots to do, however, you will find that you will start sailing through your day, no matter what is thrown at you. You will manage your time more effectively. As a result, you will be more productive. And you’ll have so much joy and happiness in your life as you become familiar with these techniques infused with a wonderful sense of peace and calm.

Love you to share this with anyone you think would benefit from these ideas. And leave a comment with your thoughts. As there is always more we can learn from each other.

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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive guide, small business owner, creator of an international skincare brand, passionate philanthropist and meditation, reiki, tapping and mindfulness teacher. She works with women ready to make changes, shatters perceptions of beauty and perfection, and inspires people ready to become mindful entrepreneurs. She lives with her talented man in the Perth Hills and can be found online at



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