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Having waited for a long time before I got my first Akashic Record reading, I didn’t expect what I received. I felt I had come home again after being in a hiatus for a long time healing from a car accident triggering childhood trauma. It has brought me back to a way of being which I had lived for years being a Reiki Master. But this has taken my practice to a whole new level unexpectedly.

So, what are Akashic Records

The simplest explanation is the Akashic Records are a non-physical vibrational library in the 5th dimension (‘Akasha’ is a Sanskrit word for ether or sky) with rows and rows of books. Within this library, you can find your own personal soul book full of chapters documenting everything you have thought, felt, said, and experienced from your past lives, your present life, and even future possibilities. Initially, I found that staggering as in many ways despite working with energy for years I can still be a pragmatist.

However, once I had experienced my own reading and started exploring more, I realised I had come back into my heart space. There was this beautiful feeling of remembering. A remembering of my feminine voice and my intuition in my body’s knowing. Furthermore, I loved it. It felt like I was connecting with a part of me that had been lost for all this time. The part that was yearning to be part of something that was bigger than me. And voila, here it was.

Akashic Records

It takes courage and curiosity to step into something so esoteric.

In our society where we are so used to being in a world of order, logic and reason and everything we do we analyse to the nth degree, talking about something so out there, can put us off. As a consequence, it does take courage with a curious and open mind. There is no rime or reason to this. Asking the part that knows seems bizarre. Because how can it know?

This is where trust comes in when you are in your records and receiving the information coming through to you. It is about letting go of all that you know, can see and going into the space of the unknown and mysterious with faith. You are taken into a place of containment and acceptance. A knowing of the ancient wisdom being downloaded that is supporting you in your current life. Helping your release your stories and any obstacles that are in your way of achieving and manifesting what you want and desire.

What I have found as I work on myself in my Akashic Records and those of my clients is that we get to explore and find out what is keeping us safe, small, and secure in the familiar. Having readings help us create new experiences in our daily lives. In addition, they help us rewrite our present scripts which is exciting and freeing.

You get to see what your old stories are that you keep looping, how and why you are feeling stuck and how to stop reenacting the same scenarios again and again. Now you can see what you really want from life and how you can lead a life on your terms aligned with your Soul’s purpose.

It is liberating

As a result, I have found this to be so liberating as I keep working in my Akashic Records. There is a fabulous sense of release and healing with a sense of abundance in all aspects of your life: health, money, relationships, work, or career.

As clients say they feel so much lighter and relieved.

‘I had no idea what Akashic Reiki was, but I trusted Chantal. I trusted that she would create a safe environment where wisdom could avail itself to me. I went in with an open mind. When I listened to her voice notes, I was stunned at what came through. The wave of so many indescribable emotions overwhelmed me. The injustice and audacity of it all was all I could feel, and the tears came so quick. Then we had another session to unpack what I experienced. The sessions with Chantal were freeing for lack of a better word. I felt free and unburdened.’ Karen Foote

Listen to how I explained the Records to a client in her session. She was so excited she wanted me to share it with you. It was a wonderful session having permission to be in her Records as they are so full of love, wisdom, kindness, knowledge and information that can be tapped into at any time.

Closing words

In conclusion, the readings allow the wisdom of the Akasha to shine a light in your life. They support you in lighting your path to make sense of what is happening for you right now. A reading gives you a clearer vision of your life and future as you release your ties with your past and how you feel about yourself.

It clears all the negativity you have felt about yourself at a deeper level. What I love is that it happens without you having to try.

Simply being in your records creates this change and is a healing in itself.

In my next blog, I will be sharing the multitude of benefits you can experience.

Love for you to share this with anyone you think would love to know more about Akashic Records. And leave a comment with your thoughts as there is always more we can learn from each other.

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Chantal Vanderhaeghen is an intuitive psychotherapist and Reiki master who appreciates walking alongside women willing to take the courageous steps to dare to love themselves after a life-changing experience, specialising in women with unplanned childlessness coming to a place of freedom knowing they are creating their lives in their own way. She lives with her talented partner in the Perth Hills and can be found online when she’s not communing with nature and reading a good novel eating chocolate. She can be found online at



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