Worry, worry and more worry. Often you don’t even realise how much you are worrying as it has become such a habit. Worrying affects your life in so many ways and is exhausting. And it makes you look older than your years. Has that grabbed you enough to read on?

worrying affects your life

Worrying all the time stresses you out. It creates so much unnecessary tension in your life which reflects in your face. When I used to worry a lot, I had strangers in the streets of London, actually ask me if I was alright. How about that? It took me a long time to work out how did they know? Of course, by my face. When I look back to photos I can see how worrying affected my face. I had a constant frown on my face and looked unhappy. And because I was. That is why this photo resonated as I could see so my of my younger self in there.

how to become aware of how much you worry

It takes time to work how much you actually worry and what about. It can be anything from small things to large issues. Some things you worry about are totally legitimate. However, most of the stuff is just stuff. You need to sit down and look at how worry affects your life.

It may be that you constantly fret about things – what you said, did do, didn’t do, what might happen, what could go wrong at any given time. When you do this you are no longer able to enjoy your every day life and all that it brings you. If affects your sleep, your relationships, friendships, work, mental and physical health, and your face. Staying in this state of heightened awareness is in the end debilitating.

And further more, what proof do you have to say it will go wrong? Most of the time it is perceived. Yet, why can’t you stop? It can become your identity and a badge of honour. It can be addictive as who would you be if you stopped worrying and enjoyed life? Now, that is a thought. What happened when you read that. What reaction did you have?

That is why I mentioned earlier it takes time to see what causes you to worry. It can be fear based. Or from feeling a lack of confidence and not trusting yourself. You may have had an experience in the past that now overrides anything and everything you do. Worry keeps niggling away at you night and day.

tips on how to do this

Let’s get you started. First of all get a journal or piece of paper and start writing down all your worries. No censoring here, otherwise it will be harder to work out how worry affects your life. Once done, start to look at it and see what is a valid worry and what isn’t. Now that can take time as all of it may feel legitimate and valid. Look at which ones that are real are solvable and which ones aren’t. Some may never be. Let them go.

This is a powerful exercise to do as you will begin to see patterns of worry. By letting them go, you start to release negativity in your life. Your health begins to improve as you are sleeping better, feeling happier with more confidence which in turn affects your relationships and friendships. You feel lighter and get so much more joy out of each day. And naturally, this is reflected in your face. Mine is beaming nowadays with very different comments coming my way.

Now, you need to create a mechanism to stop your from worrying. What I do is stop and breathe when I start to worry. This helps me become mindful and present. Over the years, I have worked out the symptoms in my body and mind, so I can halt the worrying so much earlier. By stopping and breathing I create a circuit breaker which relieves some of the intensity of emotion. This gives me a chance to have a good look at the worry and see what I can do about it. How can I turn it around?

The question to ask yourself: is it all that bad? When you worry what you do is stop yourself from finding a solution to the problem. It becomes bigger than Ben Hur and that is when it gets out of control. It is the anticipation that becomes the focus rather than the actual issue.

meditation helps, too

Of course, meditating helps you look at how worrying affects your life. It is only in the stillness that you begin to see how you react to life. Then and only then can you start making changes to lead your life without constant worry. Take a moment to listen to my guided meditation to give you some idea on how to sit quietly and open your mind.

I can’t emphasis enough about getting to know your worries. It is life changing. I can attest to that. Remember, it will take time. And the rewards in your life will be amazing. As my French Grandmother used to say to me; il faut goûter ta vie, ma cherie’. (you need to taste all of your life, my darling). Basically stop worrying and start living.

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Remember, sometimes all you need to do is take a deep breath.

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