Writing an affirmation is easy. However, it doesn’t mean that you believe or feel it in your body, mind and soul. And that is what can be stopping your affirmation from being effective. I wrote more about this in my previous blog ‘Do positive affirmations work’. It is well worth reading before you start this one as it will give you an understanding of what to look out for when writing your affirmation today. And I will introduce a tapping script to help you connect to it.

writing an affirmation is lifechanging

As already mentioned writing an affirmation is easy. Well, on the surface it appears to be. I used to write them up glibly and then not look at them again. The reason being that I actually didn’t believe what I had written. What helped me, in the long run, was tapping. This amazing tool has the capacity to ‘tap’ into your DNA to uncover what it is that stops you believing and feeling your affirmation. I found it doesn’t take long to learn and can be used anywhere anytime for anything. All I can say is that it has certainly changed my life. And I’m sure it will change yours.

Grab your journal or a piece of paper, a lovely coloured pen and make yourself comfortable. If you can sit in your special space if you have one (if not, get my gorgeous “How to create your sacred space’ here), make sure you don’t have distractions, and simply start writing. It can get uncomfortable as we aren’t used to writing an affirmation that is positive about ourselves. It is so easy to see positive things in others. But come to ourselves, that is when you begin to squirm and think of all the things you should be doing. It does courage to do this. Again, read my blog on ‘How to deal with emotional discomfort’ to help you deal with any discomfort that may arise.

Let’s get started

  1. Make a list – as it is easy to write about the negative aspects of ourselves, start writing these down. I am sure they will come tumbling out as this has been the way you view yourself for years. Write them down without judgement if you can. And allow yourself to feel the emotions that arise and where they sit in your body. The more you can feel this, the easier it will be to release.
  2. Write a positive – to start with, pick one that stands out for you that you want to change. Now write it in the positive. When writing in the positive, use ‘I am…’ as this affirms the feeling of already having what you want. You can also begin with ‘I have…, I love …, I know …’. Here is an example. One of your negative beliefs about yourself is that you never feel enough. And now you want to change that around so that you feel you are more than enough. You are perfect the way you are.
    ‘I am never enough’ becomes ‘I am more than enough and perfect the way I am’.
  3. Write it in the present – because you want to feel it now and not somewhere in the future. Writing an affirmation this way starts changing your mindset right from the word go.
  4. Use your own words – it is important to use words that relate to you. In the beginning, when it all feels new and unknown, it is easy to compare yourself with others as you don’t trust yourself yet. If this helps get you started by all means do. However, find your own as soon as possible. This makes it powerful and effective.
  5. Another option – if it just isn’t happening for you, you could start with ‘I choose ….’. So ‘I am never enough’ becomes ‘I choose to feel I am more than enough‘.
  6. Write them down – once you have created one that resonates, keep writing it out on a daily basis and use the tapping script below. All you need to do is change the words to match your affirmation.
  7. Say them out loud – This is important as you begin to hear yourself say them. It will feel strange at first. Don’t let that stop you. A great time to do this is when you are in the bathroom applying makeup or shaving.
  8. Feeling gratitude – This is always powerful. Start some with how grateful you feel for who and what you have in your life. This takes you from feelings of lack to feelings of abundance. Add a smile to that to feel amazing. Don’t underestimate the power of a smile. It gives you that wow factor.
  9. And enjoy – it is about enjoying this process. You can write an affirmation on anything you want – how you want to be in your life, how you want your life to look like, what experiences you want to have, etc. It is never-ending. This is just the beginning.

the tapping process

When writing an affirmation, I use tapping with meditation. I find meditation helps me open up to what I am feeling. And tapping takes me deeper to help me then release. And why I find tapping a great match? Because it focuses on the negative which is your truth to help you release and turn it into a positive. And as most of us focus on the negative this is a great tool to help you. Here is a short video on the power of tapping.

In a nutshell, you create your statement ‘Even though ……, I completely and deeply love myself, say this 3 times out loud as you tap on the Karate chop, and tap on each point 5 – 7 times with the reminder phrase – a couple of words that bring your set-up statement to mind. This is what you will say out loud on each point of your round to remind you of the issue being tapped on.

Here are the tapping points and the script.

Tapping script

Even though I never feel I am enough, I completely love and accept myself
Even though I feel insecure and never enough, I would like to honour that that’s just where I am right now
Even though I often feel inadequate, I would like to respect myself anyway

Start of the eyebrow: I don’t feel enough
Side of the eye: I feel insecure
Under the eye: I keep comparing myself to others
Under the nose: I often feel I have failed
Under the mouth: And that I am inadequate
Collarbone: I lose my sense of self
Under the arm: I am tired and exhausted
Top of the head: Always trying to be enough

Start of the eyebrow: I feel like I am constantly doing
Side of the eye: I am on continual treadmill
Under the eye: I can’t get off
Under the nose: I am tired of forever doing
Under the mouth: To feel like I am enough
Collarbone: Where am I in all of this?
Under the arm: Who am I in all this busyness?
Top of the head: It is about time I let go of this identity I have created

Take a deep breath

And sigh and sit for a moment in this beautiful space of feeling more than enough. Feel it all through your heart, body and soul.

Start of the eyebrow: I am more than enough
Side of the eye: What if I could breathe from my heart and feel that I am enough?
Under the eye: What if I could choose to allow myself to feel that I am more than enough?
Under the nose: Despite feeling some anxiety about letting go
Under the mouth: I am starting to feel excited
Collarbone: That I connecting to the fact that I am enough
Under the arm: Who I am is enough
Top of the head: And all that I do is enough

Start of the eyebrow: It is my time now
Side of the eye: I choose to feel that I am perfect the way I am
Under the eye: I chose to love and accept who I am
Under the nose: I am worthy of my time and doing what is best for me
Under the mouth: And that is more than enough
Collarbone: From now one, I choose to feel I am enough
Under the arm: To love myself totally in that I do
Top of the head: Because I deserve to have the best life ever.

Take another deep breath

Again, take a deep breath and sigh and sit for a moment in this beautiful space of feeling more than enough. Feel it all through your heart, body and soul. You may wish to do another round or come back to it again at another time.

This may feel foreign to you. It will take a while to become familiar with the process. Stick with it. Make a time in your diary to give it your best shot. It takes practice, practice and more practice.

If you want more support on how to meditate, click on this link to check out my online meditation course. I truly believe that when you sit still and listen intently, you can hear your true heart’s desire – which creates a deep sense of presence, peace, and joy. And this supports you in writing your affirmations.

With respect to tapping, I have gotten ahead of myself. My online tapping course is being launched at the end of the month. If you are interested in finding out more and getting in on the launch special, sign up to receive my weekly newsletter full of goodness to help you “unfold your freedom’.

From my full Soul to your full Soul

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